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Alimentary safety HASSP

First in Russia


The machine-building holding JSC SPE firm "Voskhod" reaches the new level, implementing the specialized sequential management system of alimentary  production safety Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and was successfully certified by LRQA – certificate # SPB0006307 dated 1 june 2010.
The HACCP system is famous all over the world and considered the effective system of alimentary  product safety.
Voluntary certification of the HACCP system was hold according the Codex Alumentary requirements, version 2009
Main HACCP principles:
  • Detail analysis of dangerous factors of baking equipment technological process, starting from designing of new product, including purchasing of materials and accessories, and ending of supplying of finished products.
  • Revealing the Critical Control Points (CCP)
  • Detecting the critical limits for every CCP
  • Establishing of the monitoring procedure of every CCP
  • Developing of corrective operations in case of CCP braking.
  • Confirmation of effectiveness of HACCP system by established procedures.  
  • Introduction of HACCP (procedures, methodic) system documentation and exact recording.
For HACCP system introduction were all preconditions:
Implemented management quality system, working with accessories and materials, approved by Public health ministry of Russian Federation for alimentary products contact, functional inspection. The HACCP system introduced additional strict requirements for working areas keeping.
JSC SPE “Voskhod’ guarantees, fixed by certificate, given by LRQA, that produced products ensures alimentary safety during exploitation in  bakery and conditionary industry.