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About company

   JSC SPE firm "Voskhod" has been working in the domestic market of food production equipment since 1990 year.
In 1994 the company management made a decision to start the manufacturing of bread - baking equipment. Lots of small bakeries appeared; therefore the market sharply required cheap and efficient equipment. That was the reason to start a company. By that time the firm already had mechanical-engineering base and professional staff. The headquarter plant had wide experience in thermal equipment manufacture.
The 90th years were the period of general decline of production in the country. The firm mastered serial release of model range section-type ovens and proofers for the short time in difficult economic conditions. Machine-building plants were bought as the property of the firm. At present time JSC SPE firm "Voskhod" is a big machine-building holding, which consists of 4 industrial plants, construction department, investment, managerial, sales companies and others departments.
Fields of holding activity:
• Manufacture of bakery and pastry equipment;
• Manufacture of electro thermal equipment: the wide nomenclature of melting, hardening furnaces;
• Manufacture of crane winches and pulling winches;

  Reduction of the control system by quality of the enterprise in conformity with the world standards became an important stage on the way of quality achievement of production. Successful passage of auditor check which spent assessors one of the oldest in the world of auditor firms - Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, Great Britain became result of this big work. The control system of quality of JSC SPE of firm " Voskhod ", as a part of the main plant and management-marketing firm, has been approved on conformity to standards BS EN ISO 9001:1994, the certificate of approval N RU 010004 has been given out on September, 6th, 2001
The recertification of the quality management system according to the BS EN ISO 9001:2008,   EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2008 standards conformity was successfully passed in September 2010. The certificate of approval N SPB 0006307 was given out by Lloyd's Register . The certificate of approval N SPB 0006307 was given out by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance in the 1st of October 2010.
International standard ISO 9001:2008 provides more rigid requests to enterprises quality management system; it guarantees the manufacture of high-quality production with excellent consumer properties.

    The machine-building holding JSC SPE firm "Voskhod" is the first machine-building enterprise, implementing the specialized sequential management system of alimentary  production safety Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and was successfully certified by LRQA – certificate # SPB0006307 dated 1 june 2010. The HACCP system is famous all over the world and considered the effective system of alimentary  product safety.

The powerful creative period in life of the firm began in 2000 year. On the one hand the assortment of produced equipment widened greatly. On the other hand there was intensive equipment of manufacture. The annual gain in production of the baking equipment was 25 % - 30 % owing to the newest progressive technologies and high-efficiency technological equipment. This equipment helped to improve successfully quality and reliability. Such rate will be kept in future.
    The new technical products and programs allowed solving the number of production goals at the new principal level in 2008 year.
It helped to connect the development of equipment in design department and productive process of headquarters plant of the firm in one automatic system.
According to neutral authority's estimates, JSC SPE firm "Voskhod" is the leading manufacturer of the equipment for bread-making and pastry making manufacture in Russia and the CIS countries.
Serial release of 70 units of equipment for bread-making and pastry making began.
    The company delivers baking and pastry equipment in all Russian regions, the CIS countries, neighboring countries and far Abroad.
    The registered trade marks of JSC SPE firm "Voskhod": "Musson-rotor", "Cyclone-rotor", "Musson-turbo", "Prima", "Voskhod", "Breeze". They are famous patented brands of the firm "Voskhod"; they have become the synonyms of reliability and quality among baking equipment produced in Russia.
Modern opportunities of the factories of JSC SPE firm "Voskhod" allow to develop manufacture and offer to the market approximately 4-5 new products annually, and allow to keep these rates in further.
    The prices for the equipment "Voskhod" are lower than the prices for foreign analogues. It became possible because of stage-by-stage program of purchasing the advanced metal-working equipment, development of modern designing methods, introduction of progressive technologies and constant perfection of quality control system procedures according to ISO 9001:2008.

JSC SPE firm "Voskhod" is the permanent participant of national and international specialized exhibitions such as:
"Modern bakery" and "Agroprodmash" in Moscow, "Bread and pastry" in Minsk, "Hlib" in Kiev, and others. The company represents both traditionally produced equipment and new equipment in the exhibitions.
For the last years the activity of JSC SPE firm "Voskhod" is noted by the number of high government awards.
The firm realizes active sponsor's activity. The firm supports different exhibitions, helps to edict literature connected with bread-baking and pastry-making. There are a lot of letters with thanks from kindergartens, children's homes, temples, etc.; the letters are carefully stored.
Donations to noncommercial Welfare fund «National Glory» are used for realization of the whole package of socially significant programs. Guardianship board «National Glory» awarded the head of JSC SPE firm "Voskhod" with the Medal «The Gold Star of Glory».
Our purpose is development and production of the modern equipment with excellent operating characteristics, agreeable to the standards of the highest modern requests of profitability, reliability, safety, ergonomics and design.The quality management system of the enterprise was brought to conformity with the world standards; it became the important stage for the products of high quality.

Operation of the equipment, optimum according to value for money enables the baking enterprise to exist confidently in the market. The equipment pays off in short terms. Competitive production of excellent quality finds a great quest at the final customer.