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Dough divider "Voskhod -ТD-4"

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

   Dough divider "Voskhod -ТДD-4" is intended for "delicate" dough dividing for dough pieces of equal mass:
 - of rye-wheat flour with rye flour content up to 70%, moisture not more than 51%, except scalded sorts.
 - of wheat flour  with moisture from 40%, and also with moisture from 37% if sugar and fat content not less than 12%.
For production of:
• Panned and hearth bread
• Bakery products.

It is recommended for operation in structure of product lines, on sites on manufacture of wide assortment of high-quality production at the enterprises of the baking industry.
Dough dividing machine provides high accuracy of division while both sponge and non-sponge technologies of dough making.
Operation of dough dividing machine "Voskhod-ТD-4 " is possible in the lines of manufacture of preparations of bakery production completed by the equipment "Voskhod":
dough rounders "Voskhod -ТО-4", " Voskhod -ТО-5", dough molding machines " Voskhod -ТZ-4М ", " Voskhod -ТZ-3М", intermediate proofers "Breeze-plus" or the equipment of leading European manufacturers.

Profitability, safety, convenience and reliability in operation are provided:
•   Precision machining details
•   Automatic dot system of the greasing working in an economic mode and providing the low charge of oil - 320 ml. On 1000 preparations
•   Protection against jamming by means of replaceable collapsing elements
•   The system of blocking providing safety of the personnel at work
•   Exact adjustments of weight of dough pieces
•   An opportunity of fast dismantle of a knife and pistons without application of the special tool for sanitary processing
•   The demountable bunker for convenience of dough dividing machine cleaning
•   adjustment of productivity by means of a frequency drive
•   Digital indication of productivity.

In a design it is stipulated:
•   Submission of oil in system of greasing plunger-pumps
•   The mechanism of dough dividing machine is separated from a zone of processing of the dough pieces, that completely excludes stress of dough pieces for details and units of a drive
•   Details of dividing mechanism, contacting to the dough pieces, are made of the alloyed pig-iron possessing raised wear resistance
•   Automatic system of wetting of a tape of the conveyor for stable dough preparations
•   transport conveyer belt from the best European manufacturers
•   The wheel support, allowing to move dough dividing machine on an industrial premise
•   Adjustment of height of the conveyor
•   The case - stainless steel.

Cycle of dough dividing machine work:
•   The dough from the reception bunker acts in the loading chamber, then, at movement of the main piston back, is involved in the chamber, the volume of the dough pieces acting in the suction chamber is adjusted in steps
•   The knife separates a portion of the dough pieces from the contained bunker
•   At movement of the main piston forward the dough moves in the measured chamber of the dividing drum the mechanism (a drum in burn position), the weight of dough pieces is established by a flywheel of the mechanism of adjustment of weight with a linear scale
•   rotation  of the dividing mechanism dough pieces from, which are being the suction chamber, the piston pushes out a dough from the measured chamber on the conveyor (a drum in vertical position)
The automatic system of wetting of conveyor belt for dough pieces is applied as required.