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Technical characteristics

“Voskhod-DO-8” is intended for lifting, dumping and lowering of bowls for spiral dough mixers “Prima-160” (bawl D-160) “Prima-300” (bawl D-300) by means of replaceable captures in dough dividing machines at the baking industry. Bawl lifting is carried out by moving of the carriage with capture on the rack by means of the screw gear.
The design takes into account the hardest safety requirements and excludes emergency situations. It includes:
-  bawl fixing unite
-  overload protection 
-  protection against a bowl drop in case of thread stripping due to wear-off of sliding nut
-  lifting area protection
-  secure catching and bowl fixation.
- the safety nut excluding bawl falling while  the bearing nut carving
- tray for dough unloading on it from overturned movable bawl