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Dough mixing machine "Prima -300R" with the sponge loader

Dough mixing machine "Prima -300R" with the sponge loader

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Dough mixing machine "Prima -300R" with the sponge loader

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Technical characteristics

The complex can work in two regimes:

1. Dough mixing machine "Prima -300R"
Two speed half-automatic dough mixing machine for intensive dough mixing. The loading of prepared dough is realized when machine rises and overturns.

2. Sponge loader
The sponge loader is the separate mechanism, but it can work only together with dough mixing machine "Prima-300R". It is intended for movable bowls Т1-KhТ2Din the bowl of mixing machine for further dough mixing. The control carries out with the help of control panel of "Prima -300R"and carries of the lifting and tilting of sponge loader. Sponge loader makes mixing regimes control.