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Dough mixing machine "Prima – 40"

Dough mixing machine "Prima – 40"

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Dough mixing machine "Prima – 40"

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

   Modern desk mixing machine with spiral mixing arm, central cutter, fixed rotational cylindrical bowl made of stainless steel with 40 liters capacity. The machine is intended for high quality mixing of wheat, rye-wheat and pastry dough.
  • in the bakeries working with non-sponge dough
  • in laboratories
  • in cafes
  • in restaurants and supermarkets
  • for final dough mixing with sponge dough technologies and for pastry baking
   Due to intensive dough mixing at optimum speed of mixing arm and bowl rotation of "Prima-40" the dough enriches with high rheological properties and organoleptical parameters, which essentially improves quality of baked production. The machine has the following advantages:
  • size
  • output
  • reliability
  • safety in operation.
  • two speeds of mixing arm rotation, central cutter, rotating bowl, gaps between mixing arm, the bowl, central cutter and bowl bottom allow to have the dough with high rheological properties and organoleptical parameters
  • optimal speed of mixing arm and bowl rotation
  • all the elements of the design contacting with the dough are made of stainless steel
  • convenient loading of components and unload of prepared dough
  • cylindrical bowl is made with the method of cold drawing (stretch) of stainless steel without weld seams; that provides long life in service and convenience in use
  • strong body of the machine
  • the bowl is equipped with safety cover, which is made of transparent plastic
  • the bowl and mixing arm stop their rotation if the cover is risen up; it is correspond to the European safety norms.
  • modern design
  • spare parts, tools and accessories are in the set
  • machine cost is lower than for import analogues.