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Dough mixing machine "Prima -70"

Dough mixing machine "Prima -70"

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Dough mixing machine "Prima -70"

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

Actuating mechanism for mixing: S-shaped mixing arm, central cutter, movable rotational cylindrical bowl made of stainless steel of 70 liters capacity

Advantages of intensive mixing:

*decrease of mixing time

*compensation of flour bad quality

*Intensive mixing increases principally the quality of dough:

- increase the volume of product

- crumb is more elastic,

- crumb-fine

- crust of bread is uniform, bread staling is not so intensive

Intensive mixing is guaranteed by the up-to-date design of dough-mixing machine:

cylindrical thick-wall bowl;

spiral mixing arm;

central cutter;

2 speeds of mixing;

optimum speeds of rotation of bowl and mixing arm;

minimal gap between the mixing arm and bowl bottom and walls


Dough-mixing machine has semi-automatic control system which allows to:

-set the total mixing time and the time of mixing at low speed with the help of timers

-swich automatically the rotation of mixing arm from low speed to the high

-temporarily interrupt the cycle on operator request, with following its continuation

-switch the direct or reverse rotation of the bowl at low speed

-temporarily interrupting of the operating cycle on operator request with its continuation

-stop machine automatically after mixing with following audio-signal;

The staff safety during the work with the machine and maintenance of the machine is guaranteed by the blockage system.

Spare parts, tools and accessories are in the set.

The equipment has a certificate of conformity

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“Prima” is registered trade mark of JSC SPE firm “Voskhod”