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Dough mixing machine with movable bowl "Prima -300"

Dough mixing machine with movable bowl "Prima -300"

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Dough mixing machine with movable bowl "Prima -300"

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

  Two speed half-automatic mixing machine with possibility of intensive mixing and is intended for dough mixing of wide assortment of dough: wheat, rye and mixed types of dough for bread and pastry producing including yeasted and non-yeasted for puff dough and can be operated in 1-3 regimes.
“Prima-300” is produced in two variants:
-   01 version – with semiautomatic control system with multifunctional control system and sensor  panel
 - with processor multifunctional control system with sensor panel
   Prima -160 is semi-automatic control system.
Mixing scheme: S-shaped mixing arm, central cutter, movable rotational cylindrical bowl made of stainless steel with 300 and 160 liters capacity
Intensive mixing in machine "Prima-160" increases principally the quality of dough, increases the volume of product, crumb (soft part of bread) is more elastic, sponginess is uniform and small, crust of bread is uniform, the bread stale is not so intensive.

Processor multifunctional control system with sensor panel is provided with:
сreation, storage, use, updating up to hundred 10-step-by-step programs of dough mixing
possibility of program updating parameters without cycle interruption
time interruption of the cycle on operator request, with following its continuation
testing and diagnostics of working capacity of machine units
monitoring of machine emergencies. Transfer of machine in the safe condition
automatic records of: mixings, emergency events with diagnostics of malfunctions, account of operating time of the machine
control of loading over the drives of working machine units while work
measurement and indication of temperature of the dough
connection to technological computer (operationally)
sponge loader control and dough unloading automat on conditions of these devices.

   Semi-automatic control system can:
establish the general mixing time and mixing time at low speed
automatically to switch spiral rotation from  low speed to high speed
time interruption of the cycle on operator request, with following its continuation
to fulfill a mixing  cycle only at low speed, or only at high speed
to include direct or reverse bawl rotation at low speed of mixing
automatically to stop the machine upon termination of mixing time with sound signal

  The design provides reliable work and convenience of operation:
all elements of the machine, which have the contact with the dough are made of stainless steel
reverse rotation of bowl at the low speed
a hydraulic drive for rising traverses and returning them in start position, for fixation of bowls
units and units of hydraulic system are from the best European manufacturers
a drive of mixing arm rotation and group V-belt drive (cone belt drive). The drive of bowl rotation provides smooth start-up of drive rotation engine and excludes damage of drive mechanism in the case of gear impact of tooth gearing "tooth in tooth" with the help of leading gear moving in gearing after fixing of the bowl in working position
branch pipes on the bowl cover for loading loose (dry) and liquid components in automatic and manual modes, viewing glass for the visual control of mixing process
bawls D-300 and D-160 - with excellent maneuverability and possibility in position with an inclination for sanitary treatment 
the cover with viewing glass, a cover design allows to exclude practically dusting torments while mixing. 
power case with the control panel with installation possibility on the machine on the right (serially), and at the left (for the dough mixing machine Prima 300)

Spare parts, tools and accessories are in the set.