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Universal Traveling Tray Oven "CYCLONE-ROTOR 240R"

Universal Traveling Tray Oven "CYCLONE-ROTOR 240R"

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Universal Traveling Tray Oven "CYCLONE-ROTOR 240R"

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics


Out put, per shift/for one baking:   
- wheaten pan bread, rye-wheaten bread (bread form batches № 7,10) 240
- long-loaf 0,3 kg (5 pcs. on the baking tray) 120
Baking area, m 5,4
- bread form batches 7, 10 GOST 17327, pcs. 240
- baking tray (flat dimension: 300x600 mm), pcs. 30
Nominal power consumption, kW 1,1
Nominal voltage, V 3NPE ~ 380
Type of toque and rate, Hz variable, 50
Diapason installation t in bakery chamber, °C 0-300*
Time of heating till the temperature of 250 °C, min, not more 45
Type of fuel diesel fuel, natural gas
Maximal consumption of liquid fuel, kg/h 6,8
Maximal consumption of gaseous fuel, m /h 8,5
Charge for one baking ** of gaseous fuel, m 3,8
Charge for one baking ** of liquid fuel, kg 3
Water charge for one cycle of steam wetting, l/cycle  4-6
Nominal heat power, kW 75
Sizes without visor (with visor), mm, not more  2806х1958х2508 (2806х2230х2508)
Weight, kg, not more  2200

Ovens are intended for high quality baking  of wide bread assortment of wheaten, rye flour, rye-wheaten flour: pan bread, oven-bottom bread, flour pastry, including sponge cake.
Application of original, conventional design enabled to make the modern perfect oven with low fuel consumption, fast  reheating to operating temperature, wide assortment of consumer properties, high reliability, providing manufacturing capabilities for  the diversification and the  quality of bakery products.
High (Coefficient Efficiency) of the oven, oven economy is provided with:
- optimal correlation of the burner power and area heated canals
- traffic of smoke gas by the burner canals, providing with maximum heat utilization from burning fuel (natural gas or diesel fuel : extremely low difference between the temperature of exhaust gas and the temperature in the baking chamber 10 оC - 40 оC.)
Ovens are conveyed on the none-assembled condition, its allow to place it in small working areas through the door opening.
Oven assembly makes with minimal man-hours.
Oven control system makes on the base of the  microprocessor-based supervisor and the sensitive pavement of operator, with application of motor-starting devices of domestic and import production, supply minimal engineering service, high maintainability, maximal function package oven control. Control panel is comfortable in usage, of oven control allows:
- to introduce, to edit, to keep and to introduce in automatic mode up to hundred 10 - step baking programs of the possibility of task of process-dependent parameters stepping.
- to correct programs in the baking process
- to task the  direct and return time keeping of baking
- to reflect the textual information about method of working, incident and making manipulations on the display.