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Baking deck oven KhPE-500

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

    Oven is a high productive; it is intended for intensive exploitation and baking of
•pan and oven-bottom bread of wheat flour and rye-wheat flour
•Batons, buns, bread
•holy bread (prosphora), Easter cakes
•Cooking (thermo treating) of meat, fish dishes and dishes of vegetables.
    In baking chambers of KhPE ovens is the uniform thermal field providing a uniform batch or homogeneous heat treatment of products in the motionless air environment is created. Owing to simplicity of a design and universality, oven KhPE have found wide application:
•As the capital equipment for bakeries of small and average productivity
•In confectionery shops
•In the "public catering".
    In comparison with and baking cases of oven KhPE have the following advantages:
•High (250мм) the baking chambers, allowing to bake a square loaf, excepting burning of bread crust from the contact with the top part of the chamber (in difference from baking cases)
•Individual installation and maintenance of temperature in each baking chamber
•Powerful system of humidification in each baking chamber
•the trays are included into the complete set of delivery
•An opportunity of a products batch of in two circles by means of inserts (2 pieces in 1 chamber)
•Simple, reliable design, high maintainability.