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Rotary oven "Voskhod" models 33

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics “Musson-rotor”model 33:  
Total area of baking, m2 2.7*
Tray dimension mm, any more 450x600**
Output*** pcs. for one baking, any more:  
 - long-loaf 0,5kg (4 pcs. in one tray) 20****
 - long-loaf 0,3kg (6 pcs. in one tray) 60*
 - small bakeries 0,15kg (12 pcs. in one tray) 50-300
Nominal power consumption, kW 23,5
Nominal voltage, V 365
Diapason installation t in bakery chamber, C 120*
- pan bread using, bread forms 3L7 (3L10) 30****
- pan bread using, bread forms L7 (L10) 35****
Time of heating till the temperature of 250 °C, min, not more 1167x1218x1472
Overal dimensions, mm, not more 25
Overal dimensions with intermediate proffer, or on support, mm, not more 1167x1218x2200
Weight, kg, not more  
Technical characteristics “Breeze” model 33:  
Maximum capacity, pcs., not more:  
 - while using trays 600x450* mm 12
Installation step of trays, mm 65
Nominal power consumption, kW 2,2
Nominal voltage, V 3NPE~380
Diapason installation t in bakery chamber, C 0-50
Time of heating till the temperature of 40 °C, min, not more 20
Overal dimensions, mm, not more 1167x984x727
Weight, kg, not more 117
*     - While using 10-tiered loading.
**    - It is possible to use  trays 400X600 mm.
***   - Using 5-tiered loading.

**** - It is possible to use  trays 450X600 mm.

Ovens are intended for baking of:
- bakery products
-     pastry
in the conditions of intensive operation in the bakery plants and pastry enterprisesThese types of ovens work without the reconfiguration of air streams in the baking chamber. The ovens ensures baking of high quality products of wide assortment, wonderfully backed products, dough stand up, uniform surface, ideal shine of bread crust.The possibility to bake small bakery products at one tray trolley.
“Musson-rotor” model 33 can be installed on intermediate proofer “Breeze” model 33 or supports.
Oven control system is made on the base of the  microprocessor controler and colored panel of the operator Touch-Screen. Management is simple, intuitively clear: input up to hundred programs, display of the current parameters and management of a course of technological process is carried out by means of the touch screen of the panel of the operator.
Application of motor-starting devices of domestic and import production provides high reliability in operation, the maximum set of functions of management of the oven and minimum maintenance.
It is possible to get promptly reference information about the appointment of the elements of control and input, which are located on the screens of the operator panel using the built-in help system. It eliminates the need to search for additional sources of the information.
The main set of functions of management of the oven:
- input, updating, storage and reproduction in automatic mode up to hundred 10 step-by-step programs of a batch with an opportunity the task of technological parameters in each step.
- updating programs during a batch
- the task of direct and return readout of time of a batch
- Display of the text information on operating modes, emergencies and made manipulations.

Oven «Мusson-rotor» model 33
Baking of products takes place on the tray in a reverse rotating rack. System of distribution and the regulation of air stream provides the uniform baking and the equal color of products, including those with high content of sugar, at the maximum loading of the oven.
Systems of steam-wetting, steam-deletion and ventilation of baking chamber provide an intense gloss and a good amount of baked goods.
Baking chamber door is made of the double heat-break-resistant glass, the seal is of silicone rubber profile on the doorway which excludes the leakage of a steam-air mix and allows to control the baking process visually.
The baking chamber and the lining of ovens are made of stainless steel.
The illumination of the baking chamber is provided.

Intermediate proofer «Breeze» model 33
Management and display of temperature and humidity of proofing is carried out from the oven control panel “Musson-rotor” model 33.
Proofer doors are made of break-resistant glass, sealing is made of a silicone rubber profile which is on the doorway. They prevent the leakage a steam-air mix and allows to control the proofing process visually.
The chamber and the lining of proofer are made of stainless steel.
The illumination of the chamber is provided.
For the convenience of movement on the production room proofer is equipped with four swivel wheels, two of which have brakes, fixers.