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Rotary oven "Voskhod" 55M-01, 55M-02

Rotary oven "Voskhod" 55M-01, 55M-02

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Rotary oven "Voskhod" 55M-01, 55M-02

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

     The oven provides a batch of wide assortment of bakery products of excellent quality without adjusting of air streams in the baking chamber: excellent baking, the high rise, in regular intervals painted surface, ideal luster. Dimensions of the furnace allow to establish it on small floor spaces with the minimal height of a premise 2,5 m, with the dismantled units - to deliver it to an installation site through a standard two-doorway. The oven has all-welded structure. Facing, door of the furnace, a wall, a ceiling, a floor, a threshold of the baking chamber are executed from stainless steel. The control system of the oven is constructed on the basis of the microprocessor controller with application of start equipment of domestic and import manufacture providing the minimal maintenance service, high reliability in operation, the maximal set of functions of management of the oven:






  • Input, editing, storage and reproduction in an automatic mode up to hundred 10-step-by-step programs of a batch with an opportunity of the task of technological parameters in each step
  •  Updating programs during a batch
  • The task and indication of direct and return readout of time of a batch
  • Display of the graphic and text information on operating modes, emergencies and made manipulations to the big display.
  • The Face-to-face arrangement of a zone of service allows to establish ovens in a number with the minimal backlash 5 cm
  • The Opportunity of transition from gas (diesel fuel) on an electricity by replacement heat exchanger on tubular electric heater block (and on the contrary).
  • The Top drive of rotation rack trolleys, the low threshold of the baking chamber, a short ramp, the top unit of fixing of the carriage allow to avoid a shake-up of test preparations while rolling-in of rack trolley, exclude its displacement during a batch. High loading ability bearing unit of a platform due to use of the self-guided persistent bearing shipped in an oil bath, allows baking of production in a mode of intensive operation. The reverser of rotation trolley for a baking of wide receptive products is stipulated. The effective scheme of air circulation with the centrifugal fan creates a homogeneous air stream of optimum speed that allows receiving in regular intervals baked products of wide assortment with in regular intervals painted surface without jalousie adjustment in the baking chamber. Use of an option "warming up" allows minimizing thermal losses while trolley roll-in with preparations in the baking chamber and, accordingly, reduces time of an output of the oven for working temperature. The pair provides the dosed out saturation of the baking chamber by necessary quantity powerful system humidification, placed directly in a stream of hot air.
  • Presence of an exhaust fan in the shield in a base complete set of the oven. Safety in operation. Profitability of the oven is provided:
  • Application qualitative combined two-layer isolation.
  • A design of a door of the oven having two-level adjustable locks and loops, doors providing exact installation on height and a degree of adjoining to an aperture.
  • Condensation of a shaft of a drive of rotation of the carriage and a shaft of the fan.
  •  A complete set the block automated torches "RIELLO".
  • Optimum control system by start and work of a torch, a design of heat exchanger with high EFFICIENCY. Reliability and durability in operation are provided:
  • A design тof burner and heat exchanger, made of heat resisting high alloy steel
  • An opportunity of easy access to all units and units for survey and maintenance service
  • Simplicity of service of unit of a platform the opportunity of baking in one trolley of various products of identical weight. Maintenance of the steam block and gas generator, effective moistening at the lowered pressure of water (not less than 1,0 kg/cm). Spare parts, tools and accessories are in the set.