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Rotary oven "Voskhod" models 77

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

 Universal rotary convectional oven is of the new generation of ovens. It is intended for high quality baking:
•pan and oven-bottom bread of wheat flour and rye flour
  In the conditions of intensive operation in the bakery plants and pastry producing enterprises
Modern convectional system ensures the uniformity of baking, possibility of trolley reverse rotation while baking process and steam humidification. The dough products have excellent shine.
Control system at the base of controller "SIEMENS" guarantees safety, efficiency and high quality of baked products. "Voskhod-rotor" model 77 works at the natural gas with the pressure of 1.3-2.0 kilopascal or liquid fuel.
  The control board is located at the face of the oven. It allows placing the ovens in line. The burner locates under the control panel in front of the oven
•The oven "Voskhod-rotor" model 77 was made with the application of progressive technologies of metal working, using of formed component of the oven facing. The oven facing is made of polished stainless steel and heat-resistant glass.
•Efficiency of the oven is guaranteed with: compound two-layer heat-insulation of mineral wool boards and thermal insulating mats, automated cast integral burners "ELСO" (Switzerland), optimal system of burner control and heat exchanger of the new construction with the high efficiency output.
•Modern system of air circulation. It is possible to use the function of reverse rotation of the trolley while baking process. This function helps to bake the products of wide assortment uniformly.
•The option "pre-heating" cuts off the time of baking and minimize the fall of temperature in the baking chamber at the beginning of baking process.
•Steam humidification system consists of 2 steam generators. They are located in the baking chamber.

 Two steam generators ensures:
•shine at the surface of the baked products
•proportional supply of the steam to the baking chamber. It happen automatically with the use of timer at the control panel or the stuff can press the necessary button to add the steam to the baking chamber
•that the construction of the dump valve of steam removing keeps the normal pressure in the baking chamber
•steam generators are easy in maintenance.

  Control system at the base of controller "SIEMENS" and the spare parts made by the best European manufacturers guarantees:
•reliable work  of the oven in accordance with requirements stringent safety
•the possibility of setting the parameters of baking and their repeating in cycle
•system of blocking and wide diagnostics with the indication of breakages at the control panel: net error, burner stop, the error of electro motor, choking of the chimney, overheating of the oven
•signalization of different tones of the oven service conditions
•the electric mounting is made in accordance with requirements of European Norms
•low baffler of the baking chamber, head assembly of the tray fixation allows to avoid the shaking of the dough pieces while the tray rolling in; the trolley is not displaced while baking. The drive shaft sealing helps to avoid the steam leakage
•the coating, door, walls, ceiling, baffle of the baking chamber are made of stainless steel
•the construction of the heating and heat-transfer device made of heat-resistant steel; it guarantees the long time servicing of the oven
•spare parts and accessories are in the set.