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Rotary oven "Voskhod" model 250 MR super

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

The oven guarantees:
•baking of high quality products of wide assortment including the pan bread, without air stream adjustment in the baking chamber
•excellent shine of baked products
•safety operation.

Microcontroller control system with touch panel SIMATIC TP170, SIEMENS. This panel allows to:
•master the parameters of baking process avoiding the stuff mistakes
•create, redact, store, use up to hundred 10-steps of bakery programs
•guarantee the operation and maintenance safety with the help of lockout system
•avoid unauthorized access to controller and paroles
•create and store the records of baking, emergency situations, total time of oven work
•start the oven in the definite time.
•the oven can be placed in such a way that the air heater is located over the baking chamber and overhead drive of the technological trolley. It economizes working area. The front location of the working side allows placing the ovens in one line.
•modern system of air circulation with the transverse fan creates the uniform air stream in the baking chamber of optimal speed. All that helps to bake uniformly baked products of wide assortment without the jalousies (blades) adjustment. The auto reverse of the trolley rotation should be also used.
•use of the option "preheating" shortens the time of baking and allows to stabilize the temperature regime of baking at the beginning
•the system of stem humidification, witch consists of two steam generators located in the stream of hot air provides proportional enrichment of the baking chamber with the necessary quantity of steam
•high loading capability of rotary group of technological trolley and  drive soft start allow to bake pan bread in the regime of intensive exploitation.
•the door construction has double-deck adjustable locks and hinges; that guarantees accurate adjusting of the door according to the height and the quality of  adjoining to the door opening, quantitative two-layer thermo-insulation.
•shaft sealing of the trolley rotation.
•block automatic burners "Weishaupt" (Germany).
•optimal system starting control and burner operation, heat exchanger construction with efficiency output.
Efficiency and serviceable life is provided with:
•the construction of the heating and heat-transfer device made of heat-resistant steel
•the coating, door, walls, ceiling, baffle of the baking chamber are made of stainless steel
•easy access to all units and devices for the inspection and servicing, including easy servicing and cleaning of steam generators
•spare parts and accessories are in the set.