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Universal dismountable rotary convectional oven "Voskhod" model 350

Universal dismountable rotary convectional oven "Voskhod" model 350

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Universal dismountable rotary convectional oven "Voskhod" model 350

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

Universal dismountable rotary convectional oven is intended for high quality baking at two tray trolley of:
  • bakery products
  • pan and oven-bottom bread of wheat flour and rye flour
  • pastry
These types of ovens work without the reconfiguration of air streams in the baking chamber. The ovens ensures baking of high quality products of wide assortment, wonderfully backed products, dough stand up, uniform surface, ideal shine of bread crust. Operating safety.
Controller control system with the sensor panel of SIMATIC TP177B of the firm SIEMENS allows to:
  • control the baking process avoiding the stuff mistakes
  • programs input, revision and storage in automated operation up to one hundred of 10-steps programs of baking
  • make the work of the oven safe due to the blocking system
  • avoid the access to the oven due to the system of passwords at the control panel  
  • create, store the programs of different baking type, to systemize the error situations, to control the time of the oven work
  • delay the start of the oven.
  • The ovens are dismountable, that allows setting them up and carrying them through all standard doorways.
  • The oven construction with the heat exchanger located over the baking chamber helps to economize working area.
  • Overhead rotary drive of the tray trolley, low baffler of the baking chamber with rotating platform.
  • The control board is located at the face of the oven. It allows placing the ovens in line.
  • Universal construction of the rotating platform allows to bake both at two trolleys and at one trolley (if it is placed at the centre).
  • The special system of trolleys roll in and narrow door allows to minimize heat losses
  • Modern system of air circulation with centrifugal blower.
  • option «pre-heating» shortens the time of baking and stabilizes the temperature regime at the beginning of baking.
  • high-powered system of steam humidification .
  • high loading capacity of the bearing assembly of the platform is due to the selforientating axel bearing, which is sunk in the oil reservoir; it allows baking the products in the regime of intensive exploitation of the oven.
  • the door construction has double-deck adjustable locks and hinges; that guarantees accurate adjusting of the door according to the height and the quality of adjoining to the door opening, quantitative two-layer thermo-insulation.
  •  shaft sealing of the trolley rotation.
  • block automatic burners "Weishaupt" (Germany).
  • optimal system starting control and burner operation, heat exchanger construction with efficiency output.
Efficiency and serviceable life is provided with:
  • the construction of the heating and heat-transfer device made of heat-resistant steel
  • the coating, door, walls, ceiling, baffle of the baking chamber are made of stainless steel
  •  easy access to all units and devices for the inspection and servicing

spare parts and accessories are in the set.