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Dough depositing machine «VEKTOR-220»

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

Dough depositing machine «VEKTOR-220»

Dough depositing machine is intended to extrude the dough pieces of different form and size, made of pastry dough mixtures of different consistence on baking trays:
-    shortbread cookies (hard and soft)
-    meringues;
-    biscuits.

The head with two hoppers allows to pour two-colored dough pieces and one-colored dough pieces with confectionery filling.
Control system is made on the base of the microprocessor controller and colored panel of the operator Touch-Screen with additional buttons: start, stop, emergency stop. Management is simple, intuitively clear.
Control system allows to program the operation of all mechanisms of the machine, to save up to 600 programs, to name and to copy settings. Display of current parameters and operation control is due to the panel of the operator touch-screen.

The conveyor allows the movement of trays in horizontal and vertical flatness according to  algorithm of pre-program. Loading and unloading of trays is possible from both sides.
To get the assortment of dough pieces of pastry the machine can be equipped  with different types of heads.
The mechanism (head) of roll-type is used for preparing two-colored products. The mechanism of the combined type is used for preparing products with confectionery filling.
The mechanism (head) of roll-type and wire cutter are used for preparing two-colored products of hard short paste.
The mechanism of the combined type and wire cutter are used for preparing products of hard short paste with confectionery filling.
The mechanism of pump type with split mould is used for preparing products of liking dough (meringue or biscuit).
The hopper of pump type of the combined mechanism or one of the hoppers of the mechanism of pump type are used for making one-colored layer of biscuit dough.
The form of the dough piece depends on the form of the used nozzle and on the set program.
There is the possibility to use the rotating mould for assortment expansion of two-colored products of soft short paste, meringue or biscuit.

Constructional characteristics:
- block system ensure safety of personnel at work;
- fast disassembly of hoppers, head mechanism of pouring, nozzles for sanitation need without special tool;
- the mechanism of a dough depositing machine is separated from the area of dough pouring.
- it excludes the contact of dough with the drive units and it also excludes the dough dirty;
- wheel supports allow to move a dough depositing machine around the room.
- body of the machine is made of stainless steel


Width of tray, mm. 600
Maximum output, cycle/min                   
 - while wire cutting                                                                          40*
 - while pouring                                                                               25*
Maximum output, kg/h  
 - while pouring of hard types of cookies                                      180*
 - while pouring of simple types of cookies                                   220*
Number of nuzzles, pcs                                                                  9
The number of programs in the controller memory                       up to 600
Hopper capacity   (without adapter), l                                           43
Type of current                                                                                AC
Current frequency, Hz                                                                    50
Supply voltage, V                                                                            3NPE ~ 380
Nominal power consumption, kW, not more                                  4,5
Dimensions, mm, not more     
length 1400
width 1200
height 1600
Weight, kg, not more                                                                        700**