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Planetary mixer Kometa-60

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

Technical features: Kometa-60
Bowl volume, l. 60
Nominal power consumption, kW 4,1
Speed of mixing tool, rpm 55-300
Nominal voltage 3NPE ~ 380
Overall dimensions, mm:  
- length 1176
- widht 833
- height 1694
Weight, kg, no more than 460


Planetary mixer

It is intended for preparing of:

  • egg foam (whipped protein mass)
  • biscuit dough, whipped cream
  • cream
  • soft short pastry
  • yeast dough
  • flaky / puff pastry
  • mashed potatoes
  • minced meat

Control system is made on the base of the microprocessor controller and colored panel of the operator Touch-Screen. Control is simple, intuitively clear: input up to hundred programs, display of current parameters and operation control is due to the panel of the operator touch-screen.

The main set of functions:

  • input, updating, storage and reproduction in automatic mode up to hundred 10 step-by-step programs with the possibility to task of technological parameters in each step;
  • updating programs during a mixing (whipping);
  • the task of direct and return readout of time of a mixing (whipping);
  • display of the text and animated information about operating modes, emergencies and made manipulations.

Construction features

  • six speeds of rotation. Each speed has automatical bind to the type of mixing tool. The speed can be changed using a frequency converter;
  • mixing tools perform planetary-rotational motion for high quality mixing (whipping);
  • electrical lift drive for bowl lowering;
  • all requirements to safety of personnel during bowl lifting are observed;
  • lowering of bowl is carried out in automatic mode (programmatically set), or manually (by pressing the bottom on a control panel of the operator);
  • removal and installation of bowl is without removing of a mixing tool
  • quick and easy change of mixing tool
  • bowl and mixing tools are made of stainless steel
  • protective cover is made of transparent polymeric material. It protects the room from mixture splashes (in the set)
  • interlock system provides personal safety while working and maintenance
  • easy access to all units for maintenance
  • easy sanitary treatment after end of work
  • case is made of steel with quality powder coating

In the set:

  • Bowl;
  • Mixing arms: hook, beater, whip


Extra option: a cart for a bowl