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Industrial dough dividing machine for small bakery products «VOSKHOD-TD-7»

Industrial dough dividing machine for small bakery products «VOSKHOD-TD-7»

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Industrial dough dividing machine for small bakery products «VOSKHOD-TD-7»

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

Output., pcs.hour (pcs.minute) 1080 (18)
Dough piece quantity for 1 power stroke, pcs.                            1
   Weigh of dough pieces, kg 0.03-0.3*
Feed hopper capacity, kg of dough 55
Supply voltage, V 3NPE ~ 380
Nominal power consumption, kW 1,1
Overall dimensions, mm, up to:  
length 1648
length without conveyer 944
width 706
height 1498
Weight, kg 480

Industrial dough dividing machine for small bakery products “Voskhod -ТD-7” is intended for "delicate" dough dividing  into pieces of equal mass:

  • of rye-wheat flour with rye flour content up to 50%, humidity not more than 50%, except scalded sorts.
  • of wheat flour with humidity from 40%, dough with humidity from 37% if sugar and fat content is not less than 12%.

It is used for production of small bakery products.
This machine is recommended to use in small factories, in bakeries, in pastry shops, on areas for production of small bakery products.
The dividing machine guarantees high accuracy of dough division irrespectively of dough-making method: quick, sponge or non-sponge methods.
The dividing machine is designed for manual loading of the hopper.
The height of the conveyor allows to use the dividing machine on production lines completed with dough rounders “Voskhod –TO-4”, “Voskhod-TO-5”

Operating economy, safety, convenience and reliability are ensured by:

  • high-accuracy mechanical  treatment of divider parts
  • automatic point lubrication system, operating in an economic mode and ensuring low oil consumption
  • protection against jamming with the use of replaceable breakable components
  • interlocking system, which ensures staff safety during operation
  • precise adjustment of dough pieces weight
  • fast disassembly of cutter and pistons for sanitation need with no special tool
  • throw away hopper for clinging comfort of dough-divider
  • presence of wheeled supports, which allow moving dough dividers around production area

The construction of dough divider provides:

  • adjustment of oil consumption at every point of lubrication
  • mechanism of a dough divider is separated from the dough machining area and this prevents dough from coming into contact with parts and drive units, and it excludes dough dirty
  • parts of a dividing mechanism coming into contact with dough are made of alloyed iron with increased wear resistance
  • transport conveyer belts with release coating manufactured by the best  European manufacturers
  • body of the divider is made of stainless steel.

Operation cycle of the dough divider
dough comes from the hopper into a loading chamber, then back the suction chamber while a main  piston is moving
the cutter separates a portion of dough located in an absorbing chamber  from the dough  located in a hopper
the main piston is moving onward, dough is supplied to the dividing mechanism (dividing drum is in the horizontal position) weight of dough products is set by flywheel of regulation of weight with linear scale.
by turning of a diving mechanism dough products are separated from dough lying in  an absorbing  chamber  and in case of back forced movement of measuring pistons dough products are pushed out into the conveyor (dividing drum is in the horizontal position).