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Dough sheeter with "Roll-automatic" M1

Dough sheeter with "Roll-automatic" M1

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Dough sheeter with "Roll-automatic" M1

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Technical characteristics

It is provided by design:
the optical sensors determine the position of the dough layer while the dough goes through the rolling unite. They have dust protection and moisture protection, and their fastening in the machine construction guaranties the protection from the mechanical damages
the cover of the molder sheeting rollers is made of chrome up to 15 micron. The cinematic details have special corrosion-resistance coverage
jointless  conveyer belt  has the high durability. The conveyer belt are produced by the leading European manufactures
supply power 220 W is the big advantage when using in mini bakeries and shops
in a non-working condition conveyors can be put and fixed in accrediting position
four rotary wheel bearings ( row of which are equipped with brake-stop) allow to move the machine around the production area during the sanitization and cleaning and fix the machine position
the pullout delivery trays are made of the stainless steel
“Roll- Auto” has passed the European safety standards for the food industry equipment
the machine includes emergency tripping devices and mechanical protective devices, which guarantee the safe operation of the machine.
Spare parts, tools and accessories are include in the set.

The machine “Roll-automatic” M1 carries out the sheeting of dough peaces by sheeting rolls in automatic mode under the set program with set by the operator sheeting speed and flour sifting intensity. Microcontroller control system - with the color touch panel of the operator, with possibility of creation, storage and use of 100 programs (compoundings), in each program - to 50 steps.  

"Roll-automatic" M1 design features:
the semi-automatic mode and a hand control mode are provided
rotation sheeting rolls and conveyors - reversive, is carried out from the basic drive in automatic mode
equipment by frequency converters for smooth start-up and smooth adjustment of rotation speed of sheeting rolls individual drives and conveyors
four sifter, operating by setting program
adjusting of flour sifting zone

The machines “Roll-auto” and “Roll-auto mini” are made dough sheeting in semiautomatic mode:
conveyers moving reverse, sheeting rolls rotation – in automatic mode, clearance between the sheeting rolls is made manually.
“Roll-auto mini” can be placed on table or on a special prop, which can be ordered separately from the machine.

"Roll-auto" "Roll-auto mini" design features:
reverse rotation sheeting rolls and conveyors
control system with frequency drive
adjusting handle is equipped by nonius which shows the roll gap setting and stop gasp setting

The possibility of equipment by knifes for figured cutting.