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Cutting table «Voskhod-SN» 3500

Cutting table «Voskhod-SN» 3500

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Cutting table «Voskhod-SN» 3500

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

Cutting table «Voskhod-SN» 3500 is designed for mechanization of cutting of puff-pastry-sheet
into pieces and for subsequent hand molding of these pieces into puff pastry product. It is
possible to use the cutting table together with the automatic dough-sheeter “Roll automatic” M1
and with the other dough-sheeters.

A knife for longitudial (length) cutting «NPR» is used for cutting of puff pastry sheet
into strings (lines), and it is also used for cutting the sides of the sheet. The knife for length cutting
allows to get the strings with width from 25 mm (if up to 25 disk- blades “LD” are installed at
the shaft). A marking disk is used for making layout along the line of folding of dough pieces
simplifying the process of its folding. This disk is installed at the shaft of knife for longitudial
(length) cutting. Knives for transverse cutting «NPR» are used for cutting of puff pastry sheet across
conveyer movement. Knives for cutting dough pieces of length 380, 190, 125 and 95 mm are
available. The knife for longitudial (length) cutting together with the knife for transverse
cutting are used to get rectangular-shaped and square-shaped dough pieces. Further it is
possible to mould different shapes for puff products.
A knife for croissant (NK) is used for making triangle-shaped dough pieces of
differen sizes: :
- 180õ120 mm -3 rows;
- 140õ70 mm - 4 rows;
- 200õ100 mm - 3 rows;
- 120õ100 mm - 5 rows;
The knife for croissant together with the knife for transverse cutting are used to get triangleshaped
dough pieces.