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Dough rounder «VOSKHOD-ТО-8 SKAUT»

Dough rounder «VOSKHOD-ТО-8 SKAUT»

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Dough rounder «VOSKHOD-ТО-8 SKAUT»

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

Weight of dough pieces, kg                                     0,02-0,2
Moisture of dough pieces  40-44%
Output pcs./h (pcs./min), not more: 1000*
Nominal power consumption, kW 0,3
Nominal voltage, V 3NРЕ~380В
Overall dimensions, mm 550х562х390
Weight, kg, not more 38

Dough rounder is intended for making of the uniform structure for dough pieces, for smoothing of cells on the surface of dough, for shaping of wheat dough of the form of a globe.
It is recommended to use:
- in cookeries, restaurants, bars, canteens, cafes- in the factories-kitchens, integrated works
- on the areas for the development of bakery and confectionery trade networks
- in small bakeries
- in the laboratories of the bread-baking plants and bakeries.
Dough rounder «Voskhod-ТО-8 Skaut» can be used both separately and in conjunction with dough dividing machine.

Principle of operation: dough piece manually or from the dough dividing machine is served on the inner surface of the bowl (in the loading area of dough). Dough piece is rounded by moving between fixed bowl and the cone, which performs the planetary-rotational motion.

The construction provides:
- the mechanism of rounding - aluminium die-casting with the anti-adhesion coating
- the unloading tray is made of stainless steel
- high-precision machining of details, provides reliability and durability of the work
- button «Emergency stop» provides safety of staff at work
- the case ("body") of the dough rounder is made of stainless steel.