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Intermediate dough proofer Breeze plus Super

Intermediate dough proofer Breeze plus Super

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Intermediate dough proofer Breeze plus Super

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

 Compact intermediate dough proofer Breeze plus super  is intended for proofing of dough pieces just after their rounding and forming. Intermediate dough proofer Breeze plus super is intended for proofing of dough pieces just after their rounding and forming.
During intermediate proofing after mechanical influence on dividing and rounding process:
internal pressure is removed
the structure of dough piece is partially restored
the structure of a surface of dough piece improved
the volume of finished products increases the structure and character of porosity of a crumb improves.
"Breeze plus super" is intended for work in structure of the lines completed with:
"Voskhod-ТD-2M", "Voskhod-ТD-3M", "Voskhod-ТD-4", "Voskhod-ТD-4"
"Voskhod-ТО-4", "Voskhod-ТО-5", "Voskhod-ТО-6", "Voskhod-ТО-7"
dough molding machines "Voskhod-ТZ-3M”, "Voskhod-ТZ-4M", "Voskhod-ТZ-6M"and also the equipment of others, including foreign, manufacturers.

"Breeze plus super" represents the chamber in which the chain conveyor with 60-th cartridges on 10 cells moves. In work there are 52 cartridges (520 cells). Dough peaces  arrive on the synchronizer, allowing to correct non-uniformity of dough peaces giving to dough rounder, by accumulation to 3 dough peaces and their synchronous delivery to the loader. The loader makes an apportion in one or in two cells of the cartridge. In the course of cartridge movement there is a rerun of dough peaces cells in the next cells or unloading conveyors tapes (up to five reruns at loading in two cells or to ten reruns at loading in one cell, last rerun is an unloading).
The multipurpose control system is constructed on the basis of the industrial controler and the color touch panel of the operator.
The “Breeze plus super works in three modes:
loading in one or in two cells
loading of dough peaces at the left, on the right or in the middle of the proofer
an unloading of dough peaces to the left, to the right or in both parties.
(Change of operating modes is connected with equipment readjustment)
It is provided:
The opportunity is stipulated:
loader installations in forward parts to the right, to the left or to the middle of the proofer
installations of the conveyor for delivery of dough pieces both to the right, and to the left
unloadings of dough peaces to the right or to the left (depending on the loading side) or in both sides (at loading on the center or from two dough rounders)
division of two bound together dough peaces by means of a conveyor stop  after an unloading of the first dough peace and renewal of movement of the conveyor  through a certain time interval.
use of unloading tray for operation with dough moulding machine  having various height of reception zone
ultra-violet processing by a bactericidal lamp of the air environment in the proofer and internal surfaces of the proofer
disinfecting and removals of an excessive moisture from internal volume of a case by means of a bactericidal lamp and an exhaust fan
submissions and switching-off of a pressure of dough divider feed, rounder, molding machine
the control of dough divider, rounder, molding machine work, entering into a line, stops of a line in case of failure (function is possible at a complete set of a line the equipment of firm "Voskhod")
Spare parts, tools and accessories are in the set.