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Dough rounder with operational adjustment "Voskhod -ТО-6"

Dough rounder with operational adjustment "Voskhod -ТО-6"

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Dough rounder with operational adjustment "Voskhod -ТО-6"

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

• Adjustment of position of segments of a trench concerning a cone depending on weight of dough pieces  is made by means of the electric drive, management which is carried out by buttons from the control panel
• Each function included by pressing of the button on the panel of a control panel, is displayed on the display
•Indication on the display of distance between a cone and a trench in the millimeters, allowing quickly recustomizing dough rounder for work with preparations of various weight
•The way of movement of dough pieces increased by 2,4 m at a rounding off, in comparison with products «Voskhod-ТО-4» and «Voskhod-ТО-5 », due to installation of additional segments of a trench in the bottom cylindrical part of a cone that allows to receive the better form of preparation, the general length of a way of movement of dough pieces  on a surface of a cone - 6,3 m
•Smooth adjustment of frequency of rotation of a cone with indication of frequency rotations (rev/min) for as much as possible qualitative rounding off of preparations from the dough of various humidity
•Blown in theу direction of dough pieces during a rounding off air with an ambient temperature or warm air, stipulates an opportunity of switching-off обдува and protection of a fan heater against an overheat.
•Covering of working surfaces of a cone, gutters and a submitting tray stalaflon (analogue of teflon) – the material with high release properties
•Chipper provides the taking of dough pieces from the rounder
•The linings which are a part of the approximating gutter, allow to exclude "peck" slices from dough pieces, have the complex nonlinear structure calculated by means of a computer, and are made of a modern polymeric material - caplen, admitted to application in the food-processing industry
• Reception and allocating conveyors allow increasing quantity of variants of rounder joining with the interfaced equipment that allowsto use the borrowed areas rationally
• Rounder device counts the quantities of dough pieces on an output from the rounder with indication on the display
• Use of modern accessories allows reducing time and expenses for maintenance service
•Four rotary wheel support, two of which are supplied by brakes-clamps
•A table with a protection for gathering a flour dust
•flour duster with an opportunity of adjustment of the charge of a flour
•A special socket for connection of dough rounder to the device of  dough molding line (only for lines equipped with «Voskhod» machines)
•Material is the stainless steel
•Spare parts, tools and accessories are in the set.
   The design of the mechanism of the central adjustment and gutters is protected by the patent.