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Dough molding machine "Voskhod -ТZ-6"

Dough molding machine "Voskhod -ТZ-6"

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Dough molding machine "Voskhod -ТZ-6"

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Technical characteristics

    Molding machine has two plates and has following devices: centering of dough pieces, regulation of backlashes between rolling cylinders, in the form of a flexible metal grid, regulation of backlashes between rolling plates and conveyer belt.
    The reliable design, adjustments provide exact operative adjustment and the expanded technological opportunities of installation that allows receiving products of attractive appearance with a good crumb.
    The opportunity of work with a wide range of weights of dough pieces allows forming both pieces s for bakery products, and for toast bread.
    The constructive decisions providing qualitative rolling of approximated preparations, and wide technological opportunities of installation:
    The mechanism of a centering of dough pieces is intended for giving to dough pieces of necessary position concerning an axis of installation and consists of two vertical rollers located above the reception conveyor, the backlash between rollers is adjusted in a range from 26 up to 62 mm by means of the handle with the indicator depending on weight of dough pieces
    Special rolling device is used for turning dough pieces in a roll
    The machine is supplied by devices for fast and convenient adjustment of through passage backlashes by means of steering wheels with vernier:

  • A backlash on an input between rolling cylinders with groove and conveyer belt in a range from 22 up to 42 mm
  • A backlash between rolling cylinders and conveyer belt on a power shaft (the top pair) in a range from 1 up to 24 mm
  • A backlash on an output between rolling cylinders (the bottom pair) in a range from 1 up to 24 mm
    The top and bottom pairs of rolling cylinders are equipped with special scrapers, facilitating cleaning
    The complete set of the machine includes replaceable rolling plate of two standard sizes on width for preliminary rolling of dough pieces
    The dough pieces are rolled in lateral directing, located closely to replaceable rolling plate
    The plate of final rolling final is supplied lateral guide way by height of 25 mm for final rolling
    The plate of final rolling has an opportunity to lean back, is supplied by gas springs for indemnification of weight of rolling plate and its fixings in the lifted position for convenience of cleaning and service
    The distance between lateral directing for convenience of the user is defined on a linear scale of conveyer belt on an output from under rolling plates of dough pieces serves for alignment of position of dough pieces at a unloading
    Adjustment of speed of movement of a belt and rollers for as much as possible qualitative rolling of dough pieces of various humidity is possible
    Four rotary roller support, two of which are supplied by clamps, allow to move the machine on an industrial premise and to fix it in working position
    The opportunity of change of height of the conveyor by means of adjustable support is stipulated
    The body is stainless steel
    All the details adjoining the test, are made of the modern materials possessing excellent antiadhesive properties:   
  • Unrolling rollers and rollers of the mechanism of a centering are made of  polymeric material
  • Lateral directing are made of polymeric material
  • The surface of rolling  plates is a conveyer belt with figure of a surface "wafer"
        Safety of the personnel at work and service is provided with presence of accident protection devices and systems of blocking:
  • Three buttons " Emergency stop ", located in a zone of work of the personnel
  • The blocking switches established on transparent covers of cylinders
  • Transparent folding covers facilitate access to cylinders and allow to carry out the visual control of work
        The gauge of the account of test preparations
      Multilayered seamless conveyer belt from the best European manufacturers possesses high wear resistance
       The design of the conveyor excludes slipping of conveyer belt during work
    Spare parts, tools and accessories are in the set.