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Axifugal flour sifting machine PM-900М

Axifugal flour sifting machine PM-900М

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Axifugal flour sifting machine PM-900М

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

   This machine was pun into manufacture in 2002 year. Flour sifting machine PM-900М is with improved useful quality.
   Due to the improvements in design of sifting machine, technical productivity of PМ-900М is increased up to 3500 kg/h.

   Flour sifting machine PМ-900М:

- is intended for flour with humidity not more than 15%. It separates the flower from extraneous subjects (tramp iron), and also loosens and aerates the flour. The branch of ferromagnetic impurity occurs by means of magnetic catchers.
- It is executed under the scheme with the bottom arrangement of the sifting unit.
- It has a leaning back reception bunker for a possibility of easy access for clearing and replacement of the sieve.
- Provides loading the sifted product in technological capacities in height up to 920 mm, including in 330-liter movable bowls of dough mixing machines A2-KhTZB and А2-KhТМ.
- It is equipped with the device, which rises the bags with the flour and loads the flour from bags in the reception bunker.
- The machine has all necessary certificates, Spare parts, tools and accessories are in the set.