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Intermediate dough proofer Breeze plus

Intermediate dough proofer Breeze plus

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Intermediate dough proofer Breeze plus

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

   Compact intermediate dough proofer Breeze plus is intended for proofing of dough pieces just after their rounding and forming.
During intermediate proofing after mechanical influence on a after dividing and rounding process:
·      Internal pressure is removed
·      The structure of dough piece is partially restored
·      The structure of a surface of dough piece improves
·      The volume of finished products increases
·      The structure and character of porosity of a crumb improves.
" Breeze plus " is intended for work in structure of the lines completed with:
·      "Voskhod -ТD-2", " Voskhod -ТD-3", " Voskhod -ТD-4"
·      " Voskhod -ТО-4", " Voskhod -ТО-5"
·      dough molding machines "Voskhod -ТZ-3M ", "Voskhod -ТZ-4M".
And also the equipment of others, including foreign, manufacturers.

   "Breeze plus " represents the chamber in which the chain conveyor with 50-th cartridges on 6 cells moves. In work there are 42 cartridges (252 cells). In cells of cartridges special device stacks the set quantity of dough pieces (from 1 up to 6). During intermediate proofing the overload of dough pieces from the cartridge in the cartridge (from a cell in a cell) does not occur. After proofing dough pieces are unloaded on the conveyer which submits them to the reception bunker of molding machine. The multipurpose control system " Breeze plus" on the basis of the industrial controller allows to work in three modes:
·      Synchronous work: the unloading of proofer is synchronized with loading, productivity of proofer is defined by productivity of a divider
·      An automatic unloading: loadings are not present, the unloading of dough pieces occurs to the productivity set on a control panel of  the proofer
·      A manual unloading: loadings are not present, the unloading of dough pieces  occurs by pressing and deduction of the corresponding button a control panel, the chain conveyor and the conveyor move is unceasing.
The opportunity is stipulated:
·      Installations of the conveyor for delivery of dough pieces both "to the right", and "to the left"
·      Deliveries of dough pieces in molding machine with a low reception zone - "Voskhod -ТZ-3M", and as with a high reception zone - "Voskhod -ТZ-4М"
·      Disinfectings and removals of an excessive moisture from internal volume of a case by means of a bactericidal lamp and an exhaust fan
·      Submissions and switching-off of a pressure of dough divider feed, rounder, molding machine
·      The control of dough divider, rounder, molding machine work, entering into a line, stops of a line in case of failure (function is possible at a complete set of a line the equipment of firm "Voskhod")

Spare parts, tools and accessories are in the set.