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Microclimate set

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

   The microclimate is intended for making and keeping the certain temperature and humidity in the chamber of final proofer for dough up to10 m3 (bakery area). There is a climator, support, the microclimate itself and operating console.
·      microclimate set is compact and does not demand special installation.
·      Climator established on a rack, is located in the chamber final proofing of dough pieces, it is connected to system of water supply.
·      The proofer is electric with the control panel. It is mounted in a convenient place on a wall outside of the chamber of final proofing and incorporates with climator with electric cable.
·      The climator is made of stainless steel.
·      Installation works in an automatic mode. Monitors "Eliwell" allow to set and with high accuracy to maintain temperature and humidity in the chamber that provides qualitative proofing of dough pieces.
·      Recirculating fan which is a part of climator, provides the convection of air humidified and heated up to certain values, inside of the chamber of final proofers; that provides uniformity of environment in the working volume.