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Electrical Proofer Breeze-342

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

   Electrical dough proofers Breeze-342 is intended for final proofing of dough pieces on the rack trolleys: ТS-1, ТS-2, ТS-7, ТS-8. It is recommended to work together with the ovens "Voskhod-rotor" model 350,  "Voskhod-rotor" models 99М-01, 99М-02, 99МR-01,99МR-02, "Voskhod-rotor" models 77, 77E.
·      the proofers are made completely of stainless steel, thermo isolation-modern nonhygroscopic material
·      mounted-dismounted design, an opportunity of delivery in the disassembled condition, facilitating transportation a place of installation, simple assembly does not demand special skills of the personnel
·           The set parameters of a working environment in proofers creates and supports climator, placed on a roof, its installation-dismantle and maintenance service is as much as possible facilitated.
In "Breeze" proofers there is:
·      The increased electric power of tubular electric heaters, that reduces time of a warming up inside the proofer up to the set temperature by preparation for work
·      While rack trolley with dough pieces rolling-in inside the proofer the fast set of temperature and humidity of a working environment up to preset values is provided
·      The water level in a steam and gas generator is supported automatically
·      Doors of the facilitated improved design are applied
·      Silicon sealant fastens on a door by means of a structure of special section
·      The Design of loops allows to adjust position of doors on height and degrees of adjustment to an aperture, excludes damage of a sealant while rack trolley with dough pieces rolling-in inside the proofer
·      For the task and maintenance of temperature and humidity monitors "Eliwell" are used
·      Buttons " START-UP " and "STOP" on the control panel are intended for switching-off and the subsequent inclusion of the proofer of short-term loss of a pressure of a power line
·      The Zone of service is in front from above allows to set proofers in a number with each other or with other equipment with the minimal backlash between them in 5 cm.