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Dough sheeter with "Roll-auto-mini"

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

    The machine is intended for mechanization of dough sheeting process:
•puff yeasted and non- yeasted dough
•noodles, pastry straws, ravioli (pelemenes), national types of bread as "lavash (pita)".
   The machine "Roll-auto mini" with an automatic reverser of movement of conveyors and rotations rolling cylinders provides reception of in regular intervals unrolled layer of the dough of necessary thickness. Uniform puff the dough prepared by the machine "Roll-auto mini ", at a batch gives to products attractive appetizing appearance. A feed of the machine is carried out from a network 220 V; that is greater advantage at use in mini-shops. In a non-working condition the conveyors can be put and fixed in vertical position.

• The Automatic reverser of movement of conveyors and rotations of rolling conveyer as much as possible simplifies work with machine.
• The Control system is executed on the basis of reliable industrial controller SIEMENS.
• The Optical gauges defining position of a layer of the test at its passage through rolling, have dust and water safeness execution, and their fastening in the case of the machine guarantees protection against mechanical damages.
• Surfaces of rolling units are covered by chrome thickness up to 15 microns with the purpose of increase in durability, and details of kinematics have a special anticorrosive covering.
• The Adjusting handle is equipped vernier of specifying size of a backlash between cylinders, the ratchet mechanism, and the stopper.
• Seamless conveyer belt produced by leading European manufacturers has the surface of  "wafer grid" type possessing the raised wear resistance, allows to conduct cutting of the dough on layers directly on itself.
• Rolling pins are complete with machine, have plugs from the antifrictional material, increasing the time of their operation.
•The Sliding reception trays executed from stainless steel have a reliable rigid design.
•Conveyors are equipped by demountable pallets for gathering a flour dust.
   Machine "Roll-auto" is correspond to the European norms of safety for the equipment of the food-processing industry, the design stipulates devices of emergency switching-off and the mechanical protection, providing its safe operation.
•In a condition of delivery the machine is packed by one cargo package
•The machine can be placed on the table or special pedestal (for special request)
•Spare parts, tools and accessories are in the set.