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Baguette molding machine "Voskhod -ТZ-5"

Baguette molding machine "Voskhod -ТZ-5"

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Baguette molding machine "Voskhod -ТZ-5"

Дата загрузки: 2013-06-05T00:00:00

Technical characteristics

    The machine is intended for rolling of dough pieces and for further producing of:
•dough plaiting as challahs
•crescent rolls or croissants.

    The machine allows to form various kinds of dough pieces with a wide range of weights of the stable form with the identical sizes and a smooth external surface. It is recommended for operation in structure of lines productivity till 1200 pcs./hour, completed, both the equipment "Voskhod", and the equipment of others, including leading European manufacturers. It is expedient to apply to reception of high-quality production after a rounding off intermediate proofer of dough pieces.
In a design it is stipulated:
• Rolling of dough pieces, consisting of two rolling and one submitting, the  material cylinders is the polymeric material with antiadhesive properties
• Rolling cylinders are equipped with scrapers
• The material of the surface preliminary rolling, which has the contact with the dough and conveyer belt is the half-woolen cloth
   Reliability, convenience in operation and service are provided with convenient and fast adjustments:
• A backlash between rolling cylinders
• A backlash between forming conveyors
• Fastening conveyors on the rigid bases
• The body of molder is made of stainless steel